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MAHMOOD, Arthur John


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing, in Chateauguay, on January 22th, 2020, at the age of 88 years old, Mr. Arthur John Mahmood.

He is survived by his children Neomi Theodora, Bilkeey Ashraf, Shamim Gladius and Haroon Samuel John, his grandchildren Jason Peter (Wife Shahzeen Jason), Jassica Dewan, Zarish Ashraf (Husband Adil Shahzad), Zeeshan Ashraf, Jasmine John, Johnson John, Joel John and Shaloom Hakim, his great-grandchildren Selwyn Jarron and Jenelle Sabella, his siblings Daniel John, Justin John and Perveen John.  He will also be missed by Uni other relatives and friends and his dog Pepsi.

The family will receive condolences at the funeral parlor:

Alexandre Nicole

Complexe Funéraire Châteauguay

96, boul. St-Jean-Baptiste

Châteauguay, 450 699-9919

on Monday, March 9, from noon to 2 pm.

Testimonies of sympathy

My Father Arthur John Mahmood was born on 01.01.1932 in a Village called Samaana Chak in Samundri near Faisalabad, Pakistan. He lived his early life in Gojara and did his early education in Gojara then he moved to Ivor hostel where he finished his school. After this he was selected in military then he moved to Pakistan air force. He started his militery live in Kohat which in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. He lived and was trained for Pakistan Air Force (PAF). He lived a Soldier's life and was God fearing person. He was born in christian family. My grand father's name was T B John. He was a pastor in Church of Pakistan. My grand father was blessed with 7 sons and 1 daughter. My Dad was the Third Son in his Family Four of my uncles are in Heaven with God Plus now my Dad is there with them as well My Dad Sister her name is Parveen John is living in Sargodha, Pakistan All of my Dad family is in Pastoral services. Two of my Dad brothers Served Church of Pakistan as Pastor one of them was Retired as Bishop his name was (LATE S L Alexander) I still have 3 Brothers working as Pastor in Church of Pakistan out of three one is a Bishop his name is Kaleem John. Most of his Christian faith was develop while he was in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and affiliation with the christian group afghan border crusade headed Rev Jack Ringer while he was in PAF he accepted lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. He was a good ethletic person and won many medals in his life.on one occasion while he was running 100 meter race he was winning the race and his name was announce Corporal Arthur John win the race my aunt (late Mrs Daniel B) who was there to cheer the runner up when she come to know that he is a christian fellow in PAF she introduced herself and her sister (my Lovely MOM Armila John) plus my very respected brother Mr Azmat baksh son of late Dr Daniel baksh.Kohat where he meet his beloved late wife Armila arthur.Who is with our LORD Jesus Christ After this meeting and few more later.... they fall in love with each other and got married.My Mom (Late Armila John) was also PAF nurse so both served PAF most of their life they lived and work in the same base. In 1984 my DAD retired as Master Warrent Officer in Karachi and join CAA and served 15 Yrs of his life as Air Port Manager at Jinnah Airport in Karachi, Pakistan. My Dad was in active service during 1965 and 1971 wars with India. After they married they were blessed with 4 Kids I am the youngest in the Family so here is the introduction to my Family Neomi theodora DOB 09.04.60 Bilkeey Ashraf DOB 23.11.64 Shamim Gladius DOB 23.09.65 Haroon Samuel John DOB 18.11.67 My Dad Blessed Grand Children?s are Jason Peter (his wife Shahzeen Jason), Jassica Dewan, Zarish Ashraf (her Husband Adil Shahzad), Zeeshan Ashraf, Jasmine John, Johnson John, Joel John and Shaloom Hakim... My Dad Blessed Great Grand Children's are Selwyn Jarron and Jenelle Sabella....... I sponsor my Mom and Dad to Canada they moved here in 1997 He did work for few yrs in Canada but finally he Retired and start taking care of my Mom like a baby when she Passed away in 2018 he told me my Mission is over I have to go and take care of her up their. Last time we spoke he was saying to me Good Bye.

Harron John

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