Alexandre Nicole, Complexe funéraire Châteauguay

The Complexe funéraire Châteauguay is a family business serving the people of Châteauguay and its region. Our management is based on peoples needs and satisfaction.  Our business can meet everyones beliefs and requirements.  We take care of the family and friends of the deceased while offering a gathering place adapted to today’s needs, with all of the conveniences on the same floor.

Our facilities allow you to receive family and friends in our vast and comfortable lounges.  Our chapel and reception halls will give you the opportunity to personalize your funeral rituals. We are equipped with an important showroom that can meet everyones taste and budget.  Moreover, our columbarium is accessible 24 hours/day.  All of these services make it a little easier and help people through this very difficult period.

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C'est notre deuxième fois à votre salon et sachez combien je suis reconnaissante pour tout le réconfort et l'excellent professionnalisme de tous vos employés. Le salon et la salle de réception, sont des endroit chaleureux, modernes et confortables. La chapelle est intime et de toute beauté. Merci du fond du coeur d'être constamment présents et de nous soutenir durant tout le déroulement funéraire de nos êtres chers.

Maryse Lefebvre

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched… but are felt in the heart.