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Funeral pre-planning is a way of anticipating.

Nowadays, with all of the available choices, it becomes harder and harder to make the right decisions when someone dies.  Because it is such a hard task, a lot of people want to make it easier for their loved ones by pre-planning, while they are still alive, their funeral choices. We guarantee that these arrangements will be entirely respected.

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The cremation is a way to dispose of human remains.

The cremation is a process through which the body is reduced in bone fragments after a few hours in extreme heat conditions.  Those fragments are then reduced in fine fragments.  After, those remains are put in an urn in order for the family to set it.
The urn can be placed in an existing family lot, in a new lot, or in a niche at the columbarium.

Since 2008, a crematorium is operated directly in our establishment.  This way, we can insure your loved one is taken care of during the entire process.


Funeraweb is the Webcast of the ceremony in the Chapel of the funeral parlor, so it`s possible to see the ceremony live or in rebroadcast.

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